Tulsa World had an article about the recent arrest of a nursing home employee.  Edward Lee Marshall was arrested for committing a sexual offense on a blind and physically handicapped patient, and caretaker abuse.

“The complaint was that Mr. Marshall was giving a patient a bath and he was actually masturbating the person,” Choate said. “The incident was reported by another employee who allegedly saw the incident.”

Scott Pilgrim, Southtown Nursing owner, tried to explain away the sexual assault and battery.

“Our nurse saw something that might have been inappropriate and this was a male to male situation. … Because we felt something might have been inappropriate, we called the police to investigate,” Pilgrim said.  “There might be nothing to this, but we felt the authorities must make that call,” Pilgrim said. “Because our resident safety and well being is what we stand for, we took this action.”

Marshall worked as a restorative aide and provided various types of therapy to residents, but nursing home owner Scott Pilgrim said Marshall is no longer employed there.

In 2006, Marshall was arrested for driving under the influence and other traffic offenses, jail records show.

How long had he worked at the nursing home? Did any other resident ever complain about his care?  Why did they fire him if they think nothing happened?  Did they offer to give him a polygraph test?


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