WBALTV.com had a story about a nursing home patient who was threatened with eviction from her facility because she couldn’t pay her bill has been allowed to stay.  The WBAL TV 11 News I-Team detailed the story of Melanie Conaway, a multiple sclerosis patient. A nursing home called Future Care Northpoint in Dundalk was about to discharge her against her wishes because of an alleged outstanding bill.

Conaway said she wondered about her future, where she would live and who would handle her health care needs. "There is nothing I can do," Melanie Conaway told I-Team reporter Barry Simms on Thursday. "All they did was come in and say they haven’t received the full payment, so I can’t stay here any longer."  But under a last-minute settlement, Conaway will remain at the nursing home.

The whole dispute focused on a $300 a month payment — alimony Conaway is supposed to receive from a divorce settlement. The funds are considered income and must be used for her nursing home stay, Simms reported.

By law, Future Care may have the legal (but not the moral) right to evict Conaway because the unpaid debt had grown to $2,500, but the nursing home finally agreed (after the story went public) to give Legal Aid time to pursue a claim against her ex-husband and possibly garnish his wages.

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