UticaOD.com had another story about nursing home employees stealing from residents.  This time, the Bonnie and Clyde stole an 89 year old’s diamond engagement ring and pawned it.

The arrest came about as a result of Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’a investigation into nursing homes.  He is doing a great job shedding light on the misdeeds that occur frequently in nursing homes.

Certified nurse aide Amanda Thaler and her boyfriend, dietary technician Sheldon Stoddard, both work for Bethany Gardens Skilled Living Facility.   Court records show that Thaler took two rings from the vulnerable woman, a gold and diamond engagement ring and another family ring. When the woman asked for them back later, Thaler ignored her and pawned the engagement ring, which the victim’s husband had given her in 1940.

“These employees are accused of stealing a personal heirloom with priceless sentimental value from a vulnerable nursing home resident for whom they were supposed to be caring,” Cuomo said in a statement. “Allegations like this demonstrate how nursing home patients can be taken advantage of by those entrusted with their care. Whether it is physical abuse or stealing money or personal possessions, my office is taking significant steps to protect New York’s seniors from those who would do them harm.”

Andrew Cuomo is doing a great public service by investigating these types of incidents. I can only hope that other Attorney Generals start their own investigations soon.

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