There’s so much talk about how the state conducts surprise inspections in nursing homes.  This article indicates that inspections didn’t come as a surprise to at least one nursing home in Kentucky.  I suspect that this happens more often than the nursing home industry would ever admit, and I suspect they’d like to keep it that way.

I know when I worked in long-term care, we sort of had an idea of when the annual survey team would show up, but we were surprised by complaint teams (or maybe i wasn’t high enough on the food chain to be aware of it) – but anytime a state survey team came in the front door, a call would go out over the facility wide intercom ; "Dr. Black, line one" or "paging Dr. Black, line one" – something crazy like that – and boy, did people start to scramble.  In five minutes or less, the place looked and smelled clean, if it wasn’t already, and the residents were changed and tidied up as quickly as possible. 

I just wonder how surprised most Administrators are . . .

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