Pearce Adams wrote an article for the Independent Anderson Mail about an administrator of an assisted living facility stealing from his residents.  He was arrested on Wednesday and charged with exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

Robert Dunmoyer, 57, was allowed to post a $25,000 bond in Anderson Municipal Court the attorney general’s office made the recommendation, citing Robert Dunmoyer’s "cooperation" with the investigation.   Dunmoyer, former administrator with the Magnolia Residential Care center in Anderson, tricked a 75-year-old resident to give Dunmoyer power of attorney for the man. That step gave Dunmoyer legal authority to handle the man’s bank accounts and investments.

Supposedly, Dunmoyer took responsibility for his actions after he got caught.  He made excuses for his behavior stating that he was having personal problems from a divorce that “created the state of mind” that allowed him to steal and take advantage of his resident. 

Dunmoyer had taken “approximately $100,000 from (the elderly man’s) account with them,” and charged the man $9,500 to handle his stocks, the report states.

Ken Moore, representing the state unit that investigates nursing home and assisted living home crimes, testified that between July 2007 and April, Dunmoyer withdrew $60,000 without the consent of the elderly man.

The discrepancy between the amount mentioned in court and that listed in the incident report was not addressed. Moore said Dunmoyer “told us what he did and why he did it” and was cooperating with authorities.

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