I saw this article about a nursing home resident with dementia who killed his roommate and thought "how could this happen?" but then I read an article where a murder suspect was moved to a nursing home.  The suspect was charged in connection with a quadruple homicide. See story here

With the graying of the population and the incarceration of so many citizens on Medicaid, nursing homes will need to adapt at receiving dangerous criminals into facilities. This may lead to violence and tragedy in many nursing homes.

On a related note, there have also been issues with registered sex offenders becoming residents of nursing homes.  More often than not, neither family members nor residents are aware that this is occurring.  We found a website recently that family members and residents can use to search by facility, city or state to see which nursing homes sex offenders are currently living in, and I thought that was a great thing to have – for more information, click here.

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