Learning and development is charted, outlined, and fostered from the day we come into the world and breath the free air. We’re given milestones. We are surveyed and reported on. We are expected to absorb and surmount. This begins with the ability to perform simple motor function, and extends all the way to potential clinical examinations of hundreds of hours of learned specialized information.
Standardized education is the fundamental meter for charting learning and development. You, as a student in the third grade, are in the same disciplinary field as those you see, who have progressed into the fourth grade. The difference between you two is learning and development progression. The same parallel can be drawn for those in a clinical profession.
As a CNA, you’re able to commingle and connect with RN’s and NP’s who are all under the same roof as you – only in a more advanced stage of your discipline. The ability to interact and survey the day-to-day goings on of those in a professional echelon that you are qualified to reach, is the apex of career motivation. The “Nursing Ladder of Success” collects all of this clinical growth potential, and storyboards it into a series of attainable targets.


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