Contribution from freelance writer, Jessica Walter:

Living at home alone can sometimes be unnerving, especially for seniors as falls could cause trips to the emergency room. Knowing how to make your home safer is easy, and can bring peace of mind to all. Where there are hazards, there is the risk of injury, but there is something you or a family member can do to help lower the chances.

  1. Bathrooms: You should make sure that tubs and showers have non-slip surfaces, and shower doors should be made of safety glass or plastic.
  2. Staircases: They need to be clear of obstructions and lit well so that each step is clear to see. A secure handrail should be installed at every staircase.
  3. Kitchens: A working fire extinguisher is necessary. A sturdy stool with a handrail should be used to reach higher cabinets.

To find out more about making your home safer, take a look at this Home Safety Checklist for the Elderly.