The Indy Channel had a sad story about a 102 year old nursing home resident that suffered a wrongful death after Bethel Pointe Healthcare nursing home removed her safety bed rails allowing her to fall out of bed.  Thelma Pauline Rector would have celebrated her 103rd birthday in March if not for the fall that led to her wrongful death nearly three months earlier.

Rector’s family was pleased with Bethel, until her accident this past November revealed her bed rails had been removed. Dowling says no one bothered to call Thelma’s power of attorney to report their removal or explain the decision.

“She actually fell out of bed and hit the floor – face-first – and that’s when we actually realized that they were gone,” Dowling said. “When we went in to talk to the people at the facility – that’s when they actually told us [about a] new law that you have the right to fall which I could hardly believe.”

“It didn’t go over well with me,” Dowling said. “Somebody is in a facility and that’s why you put them (there), to have 24-hour care and you put them there because we were having trouble keeping them from falling at home. You expect that care to be given to them.”

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