CBC reported a horrific case of neglect and abuse at Harbourstone Enhanced Care nursing home.  The family found their mother bloodied and bruised in her nursing home room.  Daughter Lois Foster has filed complaints with the police and the province over her mother’s injuries, which she says are the result of a lack of care.

“It’s disgusting, unnecessary negligence,” said Foster.

Foster says she received a call on March 18 that her mother, Kathleen MacDougall, had fallen.

“When I went over to the home, the ambulance attendant told me to brace myself,” she said.

Foster, a nurse herself, was shocked.

“She had bruises on both arms, both shoulders, her legs, the skin ripped off her arm, her face on both cheeks, all down her neck,” said Foster. “She had the worst facial appearance that I’ve seen in any of my clients in my 35 years of nursing.”

Foster says her 95-year-old mother’s injuries are a result of neglect she suffered while in her nursing home. She said she’s asked to have the nursing home’s surveillance camera footage reviewed.

“They couldn’t have been caring for her to have her look like this,” said Foster. “That’s not care. They have a duty of care, and there’s there’s no way even a half-hour check could end up with her looking like that.”

She said she wants to see changes implemented so that other families won’t experience similar issues.

“They need more staff, they need more trained staff, and they need to individualize their care,” said Foster.

Foster said concern for her own mother as well as others compelled her to speak out.

“I also thought it was a responsibility of mine as a nurse,” she said. “I can’t sit back and let this happen to another person. It isn’t right. Something must be done.”

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