The Laurinberg Exchange reported the alleged rape of a resident with mental deficiencies at Willow Place Assisted Living.    The brother of the rape victim contacted police to report that his sister had been raped by another resident.  An employee of the facility called the brother to let him know about the incident, the family said.

Last year, the facility was cited for 16 violations and issued a provisional license. One of the charges was, failure to protect a resident from another violent, combative resident suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Following the spring 2017 inspections, Willow Place was cited for having violated serious state codes concerning patient care and staffing during. The short staffing caused issues with patients’ personal care and safety because patients with dementia were not being kept in a separate hall or being properly monitored.

DHHSR conducted a second inspection in August to deal with additional complaints from patients and their families. Following that investigation, Willow Place was written up for an additional 18 violations some of which the home had been cited for in the first inspection.

The assessment determined that the home failed to follow state regulations for staffing after investigators sampled records for 10 days between June and July and found that “the facility failed to assure staffing met minimal requirements according to the census, for 36 of 45 shifts sampled,” according to the report.

If the facility had adequate staff, they could fulfill their duty and responsibility to supervise the residents and protect them from rape and assault.


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