New Castle News reported the guilty plea of Ashley N. Wilcox, a nurse’s aide, employed at Golden Hill Nursing Home.  She entered a plea to charges that accused her of abusing dementia patients.  Wilcox had said at the time of her arrest that she had worked 10 months at Golden Hill before she was terminated in May, 2016. The charges were brought against her on May 2, 2016, following an investigation into reports from Wilcox’s co-workers about the allegations against her.

The sentence recommended by assistant district Attorney Jonathan Miller is three consecutive 90-day terms of probation. Her plea was to three summary charges of harassment for subjecting others to physical contact. Miller noted those represent one count for each of three victims.  Wilcox will be sentenced at 9:30 a.m. March 28 in Cox’s court.

The 13 other counts against her, which include six misdemeanors each of stalking and simple assault, and three other summary offenses, will be dropped as part of the plea agreement.

As a result of the charges and Wilcox’s termination from employment, the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Division of Nursing Care Facilities conducted an administrative hearing on Aug. 10, 2016, and on July 25, 2017, concluded that “this nurse aide has substantiated findings on file with the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Registry. Because there are substantiated findings on file, this nurse aide cannot work in a long-term care facility in Pennsylvania.”


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