The Claude Pepper Center at FSU uses information and data from multiple sources to help inform policy makers, researchers, teachers, the media and the general public about the health, long term care and income security challenges confronting the nation’s older citizens.

In pursuing this mission, The Center has generated several articles, book chapters, reports, op ed columns and blog postings that can be found in the Social Media and Reports section of the website.

All of our activities are dedicated to sustaining the senator’s view that “the national attitude toward old people has made a 180-degree turn. More and more, younger generations have come to realize that in their elders they have a precious and useful asset, not a burden. Old people are the same persons they were when they were young. Some may not hear so well, may have to wear glasses, maybe are a step slower when they walk. But they are not useless, and they must not be treated as outcasts, as more and more Americans have come to realize.”

Nursing homes are increasingly owned by private investment groups who manage them through complex administrative structures that make the assignment of responsibility for deficiencies in care provided to the residents very difficult. These investment groups also tend to reduce operational costs by reducing the staff who provide care (RNs and CNAs) creating greater potential that residents will receive less care of adequate quality than they need. These concerns have been exacerbated by the fear among advocates for higher quality care in nursing homes that the Trump administration will reduce the already inadequate regulatory framework for maintaining an acceptable level of quality of care in nursing homes.

The following articles address several dimensions of the quality of care concerns. We will continue to track developments in this area over the next several months.

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