The Hill reported that the nursing home industry (and their campaign contributions to Trump and the Republicans) have reaped the rewards.  The Trump administration is rolling back the use of fines against nursing homes that have neglected and abused resident sin their care.  The nursing home industry demanded the change in the Medicare program’s penalty protocols, The New York Times reported.  According to the Times, nearly 6,500 nursing homes have received at least one citation for a serious violation since 2013 and only two-thirds of those have been fined by Medicare.  Under the new rules, regulators are now discouraged from giving nursing homes fines, in some cases. Fines for some homes may also be decreased as a result of the new guidelines.

The American Health Care Association had argued that inspectors were focused on quality of care instead of “assisting” the facilities.

“It is critical that we have relief,” Mark Parkinson, the group’s president, wrote in a letter to Donald Trump, then president-elect, in December 2016.

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