New York Magazine reported Trump’s latest attempt to remove effective reforms that would reduce waste, fraud, and abuse in the health care industry.  Medicare had successfully begun to experiment with lump-sum payments that would reimburse doctors and hospitals on the basis of how well they cared for their patients, not how much treatment they gave them. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation had established experiments with new payment models designed to improve care and reduce costs. The Trump administration is canceling or scaling back the experiments, or putting the medical lobby in charge of designing them.

“The United States spends far more per capita on medical costs than any other country. One reason is that its medical system is built around fee-for-service care, in which doctors, hospitals, drug-makers, and medical device manufacturers all have an economic incentive to make care as expensive as possible. The passage of Medicare helped to accelerate medical inflation by putting the federal government in the position of reimbursing treatments almost regardless of effectiveness or need.”

This will increase waste, fraud, and abuse and the already sky high profits of the pharmaceutical companies and other health care providers.

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