WKRG reported that maggots were found in a nursing home resident’s catheter. The Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services details conditions at Capital Health and Rehabilitation Center that no one should endure.  The nursing home “failed to ensure necessary care and services were provided for hygiene and urinary catheter maintenance” for one resident who had an indwelling catheter.

According to the documents, nurses said, “They [maggots] were, like, going inside his penis. It’s just gross. Nasty. I’m not going to say it was a handful, but it was a lot. They were little.”

“The flies were real bad down there,” a nurse said in the report. “We had fly swatters. I have killed a couple of flies in his room and one was under the covers. But I didn’t think anything about that.”

The nursing home also “failed to ensure adequate supervision… interventions… and increased monitoring” for a 92-year-old resident with dementia who requires total supervision.  The resident escaped from the facility twice. A visitor let him out the first time, and employees found him under a tree on the grounds. The second time, he was found at a nearby restaurant.  According to the documents, the nursing home was not aware the resident was missing either time, which caused his son to question his father’s safety there and request his transfer to a different facility.

Their corporate office, Skyline Highland Holdings, has several corporations in Arkansas that own or manage nursing facilities, with a total of 21 across the country.

Business leaders across Arkansas are pushing for limits to payouts in certain lawsuits.  They want voters to pass a constitutional amendment in next year’s midterm election that would cap non-economic and compensatory damages in lawsuits.



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