A New York Court struck the Answer of a nursing home for failure to respond to discovery including providing a complete copy of the resident’s nursing home chart. See Order in Schiller┬áv. Sunharbor.

“In 2011, Georgette Schiller, as executrix of the estate of Bernice A. Schiller, deceased, and individually, commenced this action against, among others, Sunharbor Acquisition I, LLC, doing business as Sunharbor Manor, OG Operator, LLC, as successor to Sunharbor Manor, and Sunharbor Manor, LLC, doing business as Sunharbor Manor (hereinafter collectively the defendants). The plaintiff alleged that the decedent received care and treatment at the defendants’ nursing home, and that the defendants’ negligence caused an infection in the decedent’s left leg, which ultimately required amputation of her leg above the knee and resulted in her death. Almost four years after she commenced the action, the plaintiff moved, inter alia, pursuant to CPLR 3126 to strike the defendants’ answer on the ground that the defendants were willful and contumacious in their failure to respond to the plaintiff’s repeated demands for the decedent’s entire medical record and the Supreme Court’s orders related to the same. The court granted that branch of the plaintiff’s motion which was to strike the defendants’ answer, and the defendants appeal.”

“Here, the defendants’ repeated failures, over a period of years, to respond to the plaintiff’s discovery demands, even after being directed to do so by multiple court orders, without adequate excuses, constitutes willful and contumacious conduct.”

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