WJLA explains how TrumpCare’s Medicaid cuts will negatively affect nursing home residents.  According to the Congressional Budget Office, the American Health Care Act (AHCA) will cut Medicaid spending by $880 billion.  There are nearly 70 million Medicaid enrollees nationwide. The annual long-term service and support spending for Medicaid annually is $152 billion, according to Medicaid.gov.

Nursing facility care is a mandatory entitlement within the Medicaid program. All individuals who qualify financially for Medicaid and qualify by level of disability for nursing facility care must be allowed to receive nursing facility services.

If the cost for care rises or there are more enrollees in the Medicaid program in need of nursing facilities than the state could be without funds to provide nursing facilities to make these accommodations. This can create hurdles for Medicaid recipients currently in nursing homes if the cuts result reduced options for care or loss of care all together.

A report issued by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation echoes that concern.

“States with costs that exceed the cap for their senior or disabled enrollees would need to find other revenues to maintain coverage, or reduce costs,” the report said.

“Republicans have now made the bill even more costly and cruel to American families, likely resulting in millions more Americans not being able to afford coverage. The American people have a right to know the full consequences of Trumpcare before their representatives vote on it,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement.


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