MSN reported the lawsuit filed against Revera Nursing Homes after a woman says her father died from an infected bed sore that went unnoticed and festered into an oozing stage-four ulcer.  Lori DeKervor’s father, Arthur Ross Jones, was taken to hospital in May 2014 after being found unresponsive in his room.

Ross fell twice at the facility but was never examined by a doctor and was left to suffer with pressure sores that resulted from him being bed-bound. Two weeks after his first fall on May 12, he was found unresponsive. He died about a month later on June 8, 2014.”He died a painful 13th-century death, while being looked after by a giant business entity that is making a ton of money on the basis of its promise to deliver reliable, professional health care to our parents,” DeKervor said in a release. “He deserved better than this.”

“He would be screaming and moaning,” DeKervor said. “Sometimes he would say, ‘stop the suffering.’ And I just didn’t feel that pneumonia would cause that kind of agony.”

She also noticed a bad odor in her father’s room. She stripped him of his clothes and found the oozing wound on his backside. She asked the doctor what it was, and she was told it was a sacral ulcer.

“I had never been made aware that this wound existed,” she said. “And I was shocked.”

“This is something you would think would happen in some sort of developing country where there are no medical supplies, or in some sort of camp in a war-torn country,” DeKervor said. “This isn’t something that would happen here.”




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