WoodTV reported the horrific accusations against caregiver, Tyler Malone, who is accused of throwing shoes and water at a 86-year-old patient, as well as threatening to sexually assault the victim with a stuffed animal.  Malone is charged with second-degree vulnerable adult abuse and stalking against a patient at the Lifehouse Crystal Springs Retirement Home — second-degree vulnerable adult abuse is a felony punishable by up to four years in prison. Stalking is a one year misdemeanor. His bond was set at $25,000, and he is being held at the Kent County Correctional Facility.

“We started to notice a lot of phone calls and complaints coming into us, telling us about some strange and weird stories like someone is throwing shoes at her and throwing water on her. And she’s crying and wants to get out of there so badly,” David said.  David is one of the victim’s sons. He said his mom was checked into the Lifehouse Crystal Springs Retirement home last year because she has Alzheimer’s.  The family was told by staff not to worry, that it was the disease talking.

Another staff member tells police she overheard Malone tell the victim he was “the doctor” and was going to sexually assault her. When the staff member walked into the room, the victim stated “don’t let the doctor hurt me.”  It was an employee David says that pulled his sister aside one day and told her they needed to believe their mother. David says he wishes they would have believed his mom sooner.

According to court records, Malone was a resident assistant at the home, and treated the 86-year-old patient. The victim’s family says that Malone threatened to sexually assault the victim with a stuffed animal. The victim’s family contacted police, saying Malone was harassing the victim by repeatedly calling her phone, throwing shoes and throwing water on her.

It was so bad the victim would frantically call her children in the middle of the night requesting that she be picked up and remove her from the home.  “We came over to visits and the room was just a cyclone, shoes thrown and glass and busted things all over. Lamps broken and she denied it all the time but before we checked her in she wasn’t doing that kind of stuff,” David explained.

Malone was fired from Lifehouse Crystal Springs Retirement Home and was later hired by American House Senior Living Communities.

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