WDTN reported on the sad state of nursing homes in Ohio.  Nursing homes are supposed to be a place of care, rehabilitation, and cleanliness but many are not living up to that standard.

Bev Laubert is Ohio’s Long Term care ombudsman. She’s an expert on nursing homes. She says these surveys can tell you if nursing homes follow the rules. “These are minimums, so if a nursing home isn’t meeting the minimums it calls into question how high do they go. How high of quality do they provide?” said Long-term Care Ombudsman Bev Laubert. CMS tries to answer that question for families. It even has a rating system in place. ¬†“A one star home is a problem,” said Laubert.

Before you put your loved one in a nursing home, do your homework, visit the facility and ask questions.

“You just intuitively pick up stuff. It tells you, look at the residents. Look at how their hair is combed, look at whether they are shaved. Are they out of their rooms? Simple little things,” said Jones.

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