One 86 year old is fighting for change, but her attempts are being denied by the state Congress. Fern Horton, an 86 year old Oklahoman, has refused to back down from a bill which would help regulate nursing homes by requiring more staff and more oversight of that staff. However, the Long Term Care and Senior Service’s committee refused to even hear the bill.

Wes Bledsoe, founder of A Perfect Cause, a nonprofit focusing on improving long term care, said, “Here we are with a bill that would protect our loved ones, it would save lives. And yet, the bill’s being denied a hearing in public?”  Horton herself agreed with Bledsoe’s sentiment, asking the question, “What does the body count have to get to?”

Representative David Dank, chair of the committee, said that he doesn’t think the current bill is the “right form”. He said he looks forward to conducting an interim study, meeting with all parties, and perhaps reintroducing the bill with some changes. For her part, Horton was dissatisfied with that response. She said she would fight until she can no longer fight anymore.  See article from Fox23.


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