Joyce Ziehli was charged last year with six counts of felony theft for allegedly stealing $850,000 from the nursing home where she worked. The New Glaurus Home hired a forensic accountant to see exactly how much Ziehli had stolen while she was an employee there, a ten year span. The accountant said the amount was $850,000, however, Ziehli’s attorney has serious doubts about the veracity of the accountant’s report. He hired an accountant, Dennis Kleinheinz, to investigate how much was stolen and disagrees with the other report on the final amount. Kleinheinz takes issue with several aspects of the other report, including the use of electronic transfers which he says there are no record of and the other report claims to total $91,288 in electronic transfers and checks written to credit cards. He also takes issue with the idea that Ziehli was extracting money solely for personal use. He says that more than $250,000 of the total taken was used for professional expenses and were part of her job. In this case, it seems that to find out exactly what went on with Ziehli’s embezzlement, both sides must follow the money. The real question is, what happens when the money leads two different accountants to two different conclusions?

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