WLKY reported that David Satterfield confessed and then recanted to killing one woman and injecting two others with fatal doses of insulin in 2007. Marcelline Vale died a month after being found with low blood sugar after he injected her with a fatal dose of insulin according to Satterfield’s statement. Vale and the two other women he confessed to injecting were not diabetic. Though all three are now dead, investigators haven’t been able to prove a link between the two other deaths and an insulin injection.

Satterfield says he did not inject another woman who died following the same circumstances as Vale later that year. When asked why he committed the crimes, Satterfield said he was high on prescription meds, and that there was no reason. Satterfield is terminally ill, has no home or job, and said during his interview that he wanted to turn himself in because he wanted “a place to stay and eat and not have to worry about life”. He later recanted his confession, saying he and two other employees were on a smoke break when the women were injected. Satterfield was arrested and charged with Vale’s murder.


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