WLKY reported that Green Meadows Health Care  Nursing Home hired Laura Morrow, a drug addict and allowed her access to medications including narcotics.  After one week of suspicious behavior and discrepancies in medication records, her supervisors and authorities could no longer ignore what was going on.  Morrow became very angry and combative when it was suggested that somebody accompany her while she distributed medication to the elderly residents. She claimed that she did it before and knew what she was doing, displaying clear signs of paranoia and anxiety, making remarks to make it clear that she did not want anyone to follow her around.

Morrow has been charged with stealing 26 doses of narcotics in 5 days by fraudulently forging the names of nine different nurses on the medication chart.  The medications she stole were of the same family of drugs that she went doctor shopping for in February of 2013. The most alarming potential situation that is prone to occur is that this situation is likely be repeated if Morrow does not have to forfeit her nursing license. Many nursing homes have provisions in their contracts where they actively hire ex-convicts and ex-felons.  Without proper rehabilitation for the crimes they have committed, be it drug or sexual abuse, a deja-vu situation is bound to reoccur.

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