U.S. News reminded us on this Thanksgiving of one of the great meal delivery programs in the country.  Mobile Meals is a program which delivers meals to those in need. US News reports that programs like Mobile Meals which deliver food to minimally dependent people could save states a bundle in the long run. It is also the right thing to do for the most vulnerable among us.

By increasing programs such as these by 1%, it could have a drastic impact on incoming nursing home residents. By increasing these delivery meals, it could mean a decrease in the number of people who have to go into nursing homes. This plan would be more viable for some states than for others, as Pennsylvania could save $5.7 million whereas Florida would have to pay $11.5 million. States need to determine if this would work for them, it shouldn’t be a plan implemented widely across the board, but should be worked out by each local community, said the investigators.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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