In a report by the Madison-St. Clare Record, details are given about Brenda Schneedle’s lawsuit against a Wood River nursing home for wrongful death. Brenda’s mother, Nellie Petrokovich died after multiple stays in the hospital. Following colon surgery at St. Anthony’s Hospital, she was transferred back to the home in stable condition. Nellie’s physician had blood work done and the labs showed a concerning level of sodium, which was low enough to cause harm.

According to Schneedle, the results were faxed to the home. According to the records, there’s nothing in the nurse’s notes to indicate receipt of a fax and there were no physician’s orders. Nellie’s extremities began to swell. She was taken to the hospital and released two days later. The same day she returned to the home, she began having shortness of breath and other complaints. She was rushed to the hospital again, where she was diagnosed with respiratory distress and congestive heart failure. She died eight days later.


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