Juliet Clifford was arrested for endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person, falsifying business records, and willfully violating health laws, NBC NY reports. Clifford, former director of Bishop Charles Waldo Maclean Episcopal Nursing Home, falsified the medical records of Alan Frazer, a 74 yr old man with dementia and high blood pressure. Mr. Frazer went missing from the facility on May 26. Clifford falsified the records so that it would look like Mr. Frazer left against medical advice, instead of the facility losing Mr. Frazer. Mr. Frazer wasn’t reported missing until May 30, four days after Mr. Frazer went missing. Clifford lost Mr. Frazer, allowed him to be missing for four days, during which she falsified records, and if she is convicted, could be facing a four year prison term. Two weeks later, Mr. Frazer is still missing and police suspect that he is wandering the Bronx.

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