Fox News reported the charges against nurse Dale Kenyon for stealing pain medications from residents.  Investigators say Kenyon diverted pain medications intended for elderly dementia patients at the Mountain View Center nursing home where she worked.  Kenyon was arrested in January after administrators at the facility contacted the state Office of Professional Regulation to report the suspicion that Kenyon was stealing morphine checked out for patient use, according to court records.

Records for four patients at the facility showed that Kenyon had administered partial morphine doses to them on multiple occasions in December. In each entry, Kenyon administered 2 milligrams from a 10 milligram vial of morphine.  In accordance with the rules at the nursing home, she recorded that she “wasted” the remaining 8 milligrams of the drug — a process that requires another nurse to witness and sign off on the disposal of the excess morphine.   The alleged signatures were illegible and did not match anyone working at the time.

After initially denying that she took the drug, Kenyon allegedly admitted to forging the signatures and injecting the excess morphine into herself. Another registered nurse at Mountain View said he observed irregularities in Kenyon’s medication record-keeping in the past and had reported it to administrators.

Ensuring proper use and disposal of powerful painkillers and narcotic drugs is a major consideration in every medical institution.


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