The Sacramento Bee reported the maximum fine of $100,000 against Lincoln Meadows for causing the death of a resident when the staff overmedicated him with a dangerous blood thinner. 
The partially paralyzed patient fell from his wheelchair on May 26, 2011, hitting his head and leaving him with a black eye and facial bruises.  He should have been immediately hospitalized after his fall.  The staff ignored his injuries and failed to properly assess.
At his daughter’s insistence, the man was hospitalized four days later and found to have a subdural hematoma, low blood pressure and multiple organ failure, and hospital admission records indicate his Coumadin levels were 18 times normal levels.  He died on June 4, 2011.
When the patient died, Herman said, the nursing home was owned by Horizon West Healthcare, which in 2010 was hit with $29.1 million in elder abuse damages in connection with the death of a patient at another of its facilities.


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