The Edwardsville Intelligencer reported on the jury verdict against Rosewood Care Center involving a fatal overdose of fentanyl administered to a resident.  The jury’s verdict of $273,607 against Rosewood and in favor of Diana Oberneufemann, executor of the estate of Kathleen Adams, a 66-year-old woman who died shortly after a Rosewood employee negligently placed a second Duragesic narcotic patch without realizing that an earlier patch was still in place.

"The award includes $195,000 for loss of normal life experienced; $50,000 for pain and suffering experienced as a result of the injuries; and $18,607 for medical care, nursing care, treatment and services. There was also an award of $10,000 to Oberneufemann and her sister, Donna Evans, for grief, sorrow and mental suffering."

"As he did during his opening statements, attorney Robert Gregory displayed a picture of a beaming Adams taken six months before her death. While acknowledging that she suffered from osteoporosis when she was admitted to Anderson Hospital “there was nothing wrong with Kathleen Adams when she left Anderson for Rosewood Care Center,” he said. Her only reason for going there was to get short term care to allow her “to get back on her feet and go home.”"

“Far too often, unfortunately, in Madison County jurors are not given credit for the good job that they do,” he said. “They listened to an entire week of testimony and I think they clearly saw that the evidence was that Rosewood was negligent for applying the patch 24 hours prematurely without removing the first one.”


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