The jury found the Emeritus Corp. liable for wrongful death and elder abuse in the February 2009 death of Joan Boice.   Caregivers found at least four significant bed sores on her body that her death certificate said contributed to her passing.  The jury awarded the family of Joan Boice $3.875 million for her pain and suffering but that will be capped at $250,000 by state law. The jury also awarded the Boice children another $250,000 for the loss of their mother’s companionship since the date of her Feb. 14, 2009 death.

Jurors also found that Emeritus’ upper-level management acted out of malice, oppression and fraud in the care it provided to Joan Boice for the three months she lived at Emerald Hills from September to December in 2008.


One Thought on “Verdict in Emeritus Trial

  1. Majit Laredo on March 22, 2013 at 8:00 am said:

    South Carolina Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell is using scare tactics and incorrect information in talk to retirees.

    In his speech he said, “The number of nursing home beds in the state is declining even though 25 percent of those over age 85 need institutional care.”

    The facts are, from March 2001 to March 2013:

    03/2001 = (18,909 beds) 03/2013 = (20,178 beds)
    This is an increase of 1,269 nursing home beds in SC.

    Nursing Home Beds reference:

    Thank you.

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