The Winston-Salem Journal reported that Liberty Commons Nursing and Rehabilitation Center faces the termination of Medicare reimbursement payments for being out of compliance with standards.  According to a DHHS report, the noncompliance includes failing to prevent a fall with injury for an unnamed female resident who was dependent on staff for daily living activities.

"Such a decision would mean that Medicare would no longer make payments to the center for new inpatient services after that date. It would make payments for up to 30 days for patients admitted before Feb. 3, but all payment for current services would end by March 5."

On March 26, the resident was injured on her forehead as the result of rolling out of bed while being given a bed bath. She fell about two feet and landed on a concrete floor.   There was no documentation of a neurological assessment being done after the incident. 

According to Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare website, the center has an overall rating of two out of five stars, with five being the highest. A two-star rating is considered as being “below average.”


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