The Tennessean reported that the national for profit chain National HealthCare Corp. agreed to buy six nursing homes — including three in the Nashville area — for $21 million from a related entity and its biggest landlord, National Health Investors.  NHI was created in 1991 to own NHC properties and has since expanded to owning other medically-related facilities beyond those that the nursing home chain runs. 

In addition, Murfreesboro-based real estate investment trust NHI has extended a lease with the company’s biggest tenant, NHC, for 41 facilities — 38 nursing homes and three independent living facilities. 

Separately, NHI also sold a 148-unit senior living facility to that facility’s operator Sunrise Senior Living Inc. for $23 million.  NHI referred to the six nursing homes it has an asset purchase service agreement to sell to NHC as older facilities. NHC’s spokesman Gerald Coggin considers them well-operated with high occupancy rates in great markets.


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