The Nursing Home Complaint Center says, "We believe needless sepsis infections, septic shock translates into wrongful deaths in our nation’s nursing homes, its a gigantic problem, and we want to hear from family members who can prove the sick, or deceased family member was mistreated, or not treated at all-with the net result being a wrongful death caused by sepsis, or they are now in a ICU at a hospital in septic shock." The group says, "Sepsis, or septic shock should almost never happen. One of the biggest problems we see in the vast majority of our nation’s nursing homes is staffing levels, are not high enough to meet the needs of the patients, with the net result being dead patients, or patients suffering from sepsis, or septic shock, due to lack of care for the patient."

The Nursing Home Complaint Center says,"Short staffing at a nursing home not only bilks the taxpayer for services never rendered, it also kills patients. If an employee of a nursing home possesses very specific, and verifiable information about fraud, please contact the Nursing Home Complaint Center.

The Nursing Home Complaint Center is an advocate for victims of severe nursing home abuse, neglect, and wrongful death. The group has begun a national initiative focused on identifying nursing home patients, who now have sepsis, septic shock, or are a victim of a wrongful death in any nursing home, in any US State, or city-with the cause of death being sepsis, or septic shock. The Nursing Home Complaint Center fears many nursing home patients never gets their diapers changed, or are never properly cleaned, and as a result they develop a specific type of infection called sepsis, or they go into septic shock, and they die.


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