Knox News reported that on August 29, 2012 the Tennessee Department of Health placed a suspension on admission at Kindred Nursing Home and Rehabilitation-Fairpark in Maryville, Tennessee.  The suspension came after a 89 year-old resident told family members she had been raped and a rape test by Maryville Police found DNA from an unknown man. The elderly victim suffers from severe dementia and the state fined the facility claiming it failed to protect that resident and other residents with dementia and placed them in danger.

The facility has submitted a plan for corrections which has been approved by the state in which it claims it ordered background checks for all male employees; had the Maryville police assess the security of the grounds; hired 24 hour security; and has began to change all locks.  Incredibly, the nursing home was not engaging in these acts prior to the incident and was leaving some entry points, such as residents windows unlocked and accessible to intruders. The nursing also did not have surveillance cameras when the incident occurred.

As of now the nursing homes suspension has been lifted, but it gives one an uneasy feeling knowing the same corporation that owns and manages Kindred Nursing Home also runs 226 other nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities in 28 states including three more in Tennessee whose security issues remain unaddressed.

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