CBS News and Mashable reported on an interesting new alternative to nursing homes created by MEDCottages.  Nicknamed the “Granny Pod” these three room modular home are equipped with a hospital- type room, including a first-aid kit, defibrillator machine, and safety rails.  Also, the family can monitor their elderly loved one around the clock with built-in cameras and a sensor to alert them to a fall.  These pods are intended to be moved to where the caregiver lives are simply hooked up to the already existing water and electricity.

MEDCottages intend to provide a better alternative to nursing homes since they allow loved ones the freedom of living alone with the comfort and security of staying close to their family.  At $125,000, the cottages can be expensive but so is residing in a nursing home.  However, for the family of Viola Baez they are clearly well worth the cost. Baez, who had made it clear that she never wanted to be placed in a nursing home seems happy with the alternative her family provided.
It will be interesting to see what these MEDCottages become and what effect they could have on the future of nursing homes.

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