In an article from the Shelbyville Times-Gazette, it was reported that Shelbyville nurse Brooke Sissom was accused of stealing pain medications from patients at the Manchester Health Care Center where she worked.  Brooke Sissom allegedly used the names and prescriptions of patients to order some potent pain medications which she proceeded to take herself, although it is possible that she may have sold some.

On October 12, she was arrested and charged with “nine counts of obtaining controlled substance by fraud,” while she was ordering new prescriptions. The nursing home staff became suspicious of her activities and notified the police, even going so far as to locate and save documents recording the sales which Sissom attempted to destroy. 

She is responsible for endangering the lives of patients who were unable to receive their medications. Records from the Tennessee Board of Nursing have recently been brought to light, testifying that Sissom’s nursing license was place in probation back in 2009 due to “‘unauthorized removal of controlled substances without authorization’ and ‘incorrect entries in patient records.’” However, she has just been set free on a $10,000 bond.

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