The Journal News/ reported that the family of an elderly woman discovered both the circumstances and the culprits behind her mysterious death. They did not discover that she had died from more than mere natural circumstances until the day of the funeral when they opened the casket and were shocked to see how battered her body was. 

The woman, Sinia Malone, 86 years old and a former resident of the Tarrytown Hall Care Center in Sleepy Hollow, NY, died as a result of injuries sustained when she was dropped by one of the nursing home aides on February 15.  The aide, Maureen Flowers, was arrested, as well as another aide named Donna Pagan, who is accused of helping coverup the incident.  Flowers was accused of attempting to move Malone from her bed to a wheelchair without any assistance or without using a mechanical lift, both of which were mandatory.  Malone fell during the transfer, “fracturing her spine and right leg and suffering a broken nose.”   Flowers did not call for help right away; instead, she approached Donna Pagan, asking to lie and say that she assisted in the transfer. After she agreed, Flowers sought medical attention for Malone. 

Unfortunately, it was too late and she died just two hours later at the Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla.  The family was worried and suspicious about the way Malone died, but did not know who was responsible until a relative read a news story reporting the arrest of the two aides.  Whereupon they pieced together the story, and their “worst fears were realized”. Malone’s niece, Lella Oates Jones, rightly stated that “‘no one deserves to die like that.’” She considered the prosecution of the two aides to be a just way of preventing the occurrence of further similar incidents.

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