The Hawk-Eye reported that a Des Moines County jury awarded $600,000 in damages to the estate of Gene Bozarth who died while living at the Danville Care Center in 2009.   Danville is owned and operated by Health Care of Iowa.  At the core of the trial was whether the actions of the staff at Danville Care Center provided such inadequate care it caused Bozarth’s death.  In reaching its verdict, the jury found Danville Care Center was “negligent” in its care of Bozarth.

Bozarth fell while living at the nursing home, breaking his neck, wrist and several facial bones. He initially was placed back in his bed at the care center after his fall, but was transferred a few hours later to Great River Medical Center and eventually to University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, where he died of respiratory failure related to the fall.

According to the verdict form, the jury awarded Bozarth’s widow, Mildred, $450,000 in loss of fellowship; $100,000 to the estate of Gene Bozarth for pain and suffering; and $50,000 to the estate for loss of “function of mind and body.”


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