Iowa’s CBS 2 KGAN news reported on yet another incident of a nursing home employee stealing drugs from residents.  Darla Frotmann, an employee of Sunnycrest Manor in Dubuque county has been arrested and accused of stealing prescription pain medications.

In an interview with police Frotmann admitted stealing more than 250 pills during the time she worked at the facility. Even more incredible is the fact that Frotmann was previously charged with a misdemeanor count of prohibited acts with prescription drugs earlier this year, yet she was not only permitted to work at the facility, but trusted to work in an environment where she was constantly around prescription medications.

The case exemplifies the lack of concern nursing homes show when hiring staff to work with and around vulnerable adults. Incidents like this really show the dire need for nursing homes to conduct more stringent background checks and to use better judgement and higher standards when hiring people to be trusted to care for a family’s loved one.

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