New Jersey’s Fair Lawn Patch News reported that an employee of Maple Glen Center nursing home in Fair Lawn has been charged with forgery, theft, and impersonation after she allegedly conned more than $100,000 from a resident.  Kye Giacalone worked as the admissions director at the facility when she "befriended" the resident and gained power of attorney. She then used it to open credit cards in the victim’s name which she paid for with money from the man’s bank account.  Fair Lawn followed it up with an article that reported charges include four counts of forgery, four counts of impersonating another and one count of second degree theft.

Even after the resident moved to another nursing home Giacalone continued to steal money from his account to purchase personal items for herself. Incredibly, the administrator of Maple Glen Center claimed that the facility had not suspected any wrong doing until the day police came to the facility to arrest Giacalone.

The administrator defended the facility’s judgment saying, “All Maple Glen Center employees are subject to a background check.”   Incidents such as this one show that the background check policies that many nursing homes have in place are not serving their intended purpose-to prevent harm and protect the residents.

Employing a higher standard of people should be made a top priority especially when these are the people entrusted to care for a family’s vulnerable loved one.

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