Anyone doubting the healing powers of music ought to check out this amazing clip published in a USA Today article. The clip shows Henry Dreher, an elderly dementia patient who has been described as "inert, maybe depressed, unresponsive and almost unalive", springing to life upon hearing his favorite music.  The video that has already received 3.3 million views on YouTube, shows the story of an almost completely unresponsive, depressed patient suffering from dementia receiving an iPod and making a complete transformation as a result of the music, singing along, dancing, and creating poetic musings as a result.

The nursing home staff attending Dreher remarked their amazement witnessing the power of music overcoming the clutches of dementia. Dreher, who normally has difficulty even responding to questions with a yes or no, suddenly had no problem harmonizing with his favorite music or providing his own scat line.

What inspired this reaction in Dreher?

The elderly dementia patient remarked, "It gives me the feeling of love, romance and I feel the band of love and dreams."  

The video is a promo for a documentary called Alive inside and was created by an organization called Music & Memory, which collects and donates iPods to nursing homes help residents who suffer from dementia and other such ailments.  Despite speculations that this is just an attempt at an iPod promotional video, the video really serves the purpose of showing to what extent people need to take advantage of the new technologies to use in new ways. In nursing homes, especially it’s important to supply the residents with every opportunity to express themselves. The use of this technology gives new hope to families struggling with dementia patients. This inspiring video, also lends an insight that there is still new life in these residents.


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