Galesburg News reports on a new piece of legislation to be passed before the House in Illinois that would eliminate the ability to fine Nursing homes after serious injury or death.

The House Bill 5849 passed before the House unanimously and was the brainchild of Republican David Leitch.  This Bill leaves nursing home residents more vulnerable and at risk without any means of protection and creates more bureaucracy in the system of Nursing home review. Despite its unanimous passage, law makers still say: “ It is not a perfect bill. We will continue to work with the sponsors. We certainly still have some concerns, too.” 

Advocates for nursing home reform say this is a threat to advancements made on Nursing home reforms. Opponents of the bill sight its unanimous passage to lack of involvement from Public Health, who should have voiced concerns over the rights of nursing home residents.

In the state of Illinois, the passage of this bill will allow Nursing homes more room to get out of fines and citations through an appeals process. This bill will also lengthen the time of review on cases which resulted in serious injury or death, cases that need immediate action. The state of Illinois is aiding legislation which will allow Nursing homes more power and more abilities to avoid citations and fines through a system of bureaucracy.


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