Kaiser Health News reported a new way to fight the Medicare fraud which is rampant in the nursing home industry.  Federal officials have overhauled Medicare billing statements to make it easier to find bogus charges. The new, more consumer friendly format includes larger type and explanations of medical services in plain English.  And for those who might need an incentive to scour their bills, the new statements promise a reward of up to $1,000 for a tip that leads to uncovering fraud.

"You can make a difference!" the revamped statement says. "Last year Medicare saved taxpayers $4 billion – the largest sum ever reported in a single year thanks to people who reported suspicious activity to Medicare."

Currently, Medicare Summary Notices can run more than a dozen pages for those with multiple doctor visits and treatments, and they are full of medical jargon and abbreviations that can hide mistakes or cover up fraud that drive up Medicare costs and can jeopardize future services for beneficiaries.   The redesigned form also aims to make Medicare services clearer and more accessible.

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