The Austin Daily Herald reported the tragic and preventable death of Wayne Bye from choking.  The resident who had swallowing problems was left unattended and unsupervised while eating.  Adams Health Care Center is accused of neglect when Bye choked to death in his room on March 18, 2011. According to a Minnesota Department of Health report, Bye was not adequately supervised while eating, and he was found choking in his room with no staff present. Bye went into respiratory arrest, according to the report, and passed away during the incident.

An employee was in the room when Bye started choking. Then, two nurses entered the room and confirmed he had stopped breathing and had no heart rate. A nurse said a couple of bites of fruit were eaten, and Bye’s lips were blue, according to the report. The nurse said no emergency interventions were performed.

Bye’s medical record stated that he was at risk for aspiration pneumonia and had difficulty swallowing. Staff was supposed to make sure Bye swallowed each bite twice, ate slowly and elevated his head 90 degrees while eating and 45 degrees for 30 minutes after eating.

He was to be returned home the day he died.  See article from the Star-Tribune.

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