I found an interesting website called Glassdoor where employees including nursing home employees can discuss their workplace environments.  Below is one from an employee of a Kindred facility.

Kindred Healthcare – “Back breaking work, and EXTREMELY stressful environment”
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Kindred Healthcare Respiratory Therapist in Louisville, KY: (Current Employee)


My co-workers,& patients’ there, still need "someone" who cares and that will help them.

They say they go by patient accuity, but they don’t. They cram as many patients’ in as they can and sometimes 2 patients’ to tiny rooms where beds aren’t hardly 2 feet apart! They take anybody, whether the patient has been known to abuse staff and also many weighing over 300 pounds, which is hard on staff. It is all about money there! They even stopped having sodas, and milks, kept on floors for patients’ and/or families because of COST! Patients’ must call down ahead for one soda or milk and kitchen is closed at night! Cafeteria hours are horrible for employees! They open for approx. 1 hour for breakfast, which no one has time for at change of shifts. Lunch is only served for about 2 hours through the week and less on weekends. They run out of food. Most employess must bring a lunch or order out to be ensured a meal. Staff goes out with way too many patients! We are then expected to watch patients "closely"(one floor won’t allow sitters and hardly any restraints) who are confused and unrestrained, so that they aren’t falling and pulling trachs out, but no one can keep up with workloads , watching patients, and answering alarms promptly.People who are FULL Codes are allowed to repeatedly pull out vital tubes, and staff must promptly" keep" replacing them in emergent situations.Even with all that, they expect excellence, and ALL work completed without error!If you complain, you are in jeopardy of getting fired for any reason. EXTREMELY STRESSFUL environment for those doing patient care! Management shows no compassion whatsoever. Jobs are hard to come by so people sweat it out, but morale is ROCK bottom!
Advice to Senior Management

Need new management with education in managing people without being cold, and abusive.

Keep reading to see what was said about Fundamental Administrative Services.

Fundamental Administrative Services Anonymous: (Past Employee – 2008)

“Unless, you’re connected, you’ll be stuck in your first position” 0 of 0 people found this helpful

If you’re connected, you will have to really compromise yourself. Then maybe, you’ll get promoted. As they eliminate other positions, then perhaps you’ll move up

They are always looking to cut costs without regard to staffing needs. The executives are all college buddies that knew the right person..
Advice to Senior Management

Sell the company and stop mistreating and taking advantage Also take care of your patients and stop looking to make a killing



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