WYFF reported the arrest of Layla Jessica Davidson for one count each of financial transaction card theft, financial transaction fraud and exploitation of a vulnerable adult.  In an incident report, deputies said Davidson stole from Natalie Iskersky, 85, who is a resident of Skylyn Place, located in Spartanburg, S.C.   The resident’s son reported she was stealing from his mother.  Skylyn is owned and operated by Emeritus.

Iskersky’s son, Erick contacted deputies in June. He told them that Davidson had used his mother’s debit card and wrote 13 checks from his mother’s checkbook. The man told deputies that the checks were made out to Davidson and various other people. He said up to $7,000 had been taken from his mother’s Regions Bank account.  When confronted by her supervisors at Interim Health Care, deputies said Davidson admitted to writing the checks.

Families should never leave checkbooks, credit cards, or other valuables with residents in any facility. 

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