The Denver Channel reported the police investigation into another suspicious incident at a nursing home. Police have launched a criminal investigation into an incident at an Adams County nursing home after a patient suffered deep lacerations to her face and a fractured eye socket.

"They said she was walking and fell into a wall," explained Kayla Gonzalez-Poblano while describing the injuries suffered by her 57-year old mother Angela Guerra.  Gonzalez-Poblano told 7NEWS that the Administrator of the Woodridge Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Angela Aragon-Herrera, had told her, "[Guerra] ran at the wall, but two nurses were there to catch her… so she didn’t get any trauma to the head."  "Then that story completely changed to ‘no one was around but the maintenance man and that she was running full speed at the wall, hit the wall and fell down,’" said Gonzalez-Poblano.

Administrator Aragon-Herrera will not show the family the nursing home’s internal incident report created from the investigation by the nursing home which is required to be done pursuant to the rules and regulations of all nursing homes for any and all incidents at a nursing home.

Guerra has spent several days in the hospital with severe lacerations to her face, a fractured eye socket and may lose vision in her eye.  According to Gonzalez-Poblano, the social worker told them, "the surgeon says the wounds on her face do not match up to the story they are saying of her hitting a wall."

The Woodridge Park Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center was the subject of a CALL7 Investigation in November which reported that Aragon-Herrera was under investigation after complaints that she was ordering patients medication be altered without a doctor’s approval.

The CALL7 Investigators also found the state Health Department had substantiated a series of complaints against Woodridge including, failure to provide adequate supervision of patients, insufficient food, and lack of proper sanitation procedures.

"The health department did come in and investigate and did find deficient practice with [administrators] not having enough supplies in the facility," said Kay, a former nurse manager at Woodridge who asked that we not reveal her last name. And the nurses said that when they called the corporate hot line to complain, Aragon-Herrera would intervene.

"This is literally what [Herrera] would say: ‘Every time you call that number, they call me. So please don’t call that number. If you have an issue, bring it to me.’ If you brought the issue to her, two weeks, three days, whatever the time frame was, you were gone," said Jennifer.

In November, A state ombudsman explained that Woodridge is not unique and in this current economy there are many nursing homes with similar or worse issues.



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  1. Former employee at Woodridge on July 3, 2014 at 11:05 pm said:

    Angie Aragon-Hererra is the Worst administrator ever.

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