The Duluth News Tribune reported the investigation that found a Duluth nursing home responsible for failing in May to give a patient prescribed medication that led to her fatal stroke.  Incredibly,  Lakeshore in Duluth has been cited for neglect in the case of a woman who died of a stroke last June after the home failed to give her a drug-thinning medication for 18 days.  Lakeshore Inc. was cited for neglect of health care because of the medication error, the Minnesota Health Department said.


According to the unit’s investigative report:

The woman was a resident at Lakeshore Inc. from May 6 to May 25, following hospitalization for an infection. Her stay was to allow her to regain strength so she could return to assisted living. She had been prescribed Coumadin, a drug thinning medication, for 10 years after experiencing small strokes. The drug inhibits blood clots that can lead to strokes. But at Lakeshore, she was not given the medication, nor the required blood test on May 7 to monitor its effectiveness. As the result, she missed 18 doses.

On May 25, after regaining strength, she was discharged and returned to assisted living. Coumadin was not on her discharge medication list but should have been. Two days later she was admitted to a hospital and died on June 4, the result of a stroke due to a preventable blood clot.



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